Sunday, April 22, 2018

Boy killed by Gendarmes in Kumbo


Another death in kumbo as trouble brews between Gendarmes and locals
This second dead recorded in Tobin, a locality in Kumbo, Bui division of the North West Region of Cameroon has been buried.

We have been reliably informed that 35year old Abdul Aziz kongnso was buried this Tuesday September 5, 2017 at muslim quarter in Takum in kikaikelaki after he was killed in a late night exchange between locals and gendermes.

All together 2 deaths have been recorded in Bui division following the outrage on Monday September 4, 2017.
One was killed in the early hours of Monday September 4, 2017 in kifem while the second case occured in Tobin, still in Kumbo.





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