Friday, April 20, 2018

Botswana Government closes Bushiri’s churches nation wide


Radical and controversial Malawian prophet based in South Africa(Pretoria) Shepherd Bushiri hacked FNB Botswana in order to clean his dirty money mostly known as miracle money.

This came after FNB Botswana blocked all unknown transactions going into different accounts of Botswana beginning of this year(2018), the government of Botswana through its security agents (forensic experts) managed to see where everything started. The government has also instructed ministry of home affairs to close all branches belonging to Bushiri church ECG, it is reported that Bushiri use those different branches to steal, traffic money and money laundering.

The government of Botswana also accuse Bushiri for fueling division, terrorism and exploiting Botswana using the of God, Bushiri is also reported to be involved in drug smuggling and illegal mining.



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