Monday, December 17, 2018
Blue Poetry



                        **BLUE POETRY**

Looking at life from the eyes of a poetry is about those things in life we know but ignore.

Everyone is scared of reality, 

people live so much in the past

and in the future that they fail to enjoy

the beauty of today.

The poor man is using the adage “nobody is perfect ” as an excuse for his mediocrity.

Some where in the world somebody is going through pain,

but somewhere too in Africa a blue poet is telling that person, there is hope.

blue poetry got a heart and soul.

The poetry’s got a feeling and an emotion.

So dont treat her harsh cause she might cry.

They say the world goes round and round so I try to write an all round poetry. 

you probably dont see some order in the flow of ideas, thats because I just opened the tap and let the ideas gush out.

And what is funny is that it has become the trend now.

Someone asked me if blue poetry means poetry written with a blue pen,

Another person asked me if blue poetry is poetry written by a blue person…?

I told him to take a sit and buckle up cause

we going for a long ride.

Beyond the blue sky 

Beyond my blue mind

Just close your eyes and let the poetry absorb you

And you would never regret taking

this blue journey with us!


                         blue poetry ( intro) 




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