Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Blessers – Ladies turning overnight whores


Young ladies are going insane for the sake of cash and status and are on a chase to get favored without checking the dangers of being transformed into overnight whores or medication donkeys.

We explored this developing pattern that is surprising the nation, where young ladies are discarding their poise for the sake of being showered with cash and endowments by men who are mature enough to be their fathers or granddads.

Fundamentally, a blesser in this unique situation, is a man who has no ethics either wedded or not, and his intensions are clear – he will pay for sex with a young lady who turns into his blessee. Then again, it is a celebrated type of prostitution, which is utilized to draw youthful willing ladies to more seasoned men.


A great many people who have incorporated their voices to the blesser discussion are of the sentiment this new pattern is only a demonstration of advancing prostitution and medications in the nation.

As of late, a 44-year-old lady was captured at the Cape Town International Airport after she was purportedly gotten with three compacted bundles of tik.

A police source guaranteed that the captured lady fell into the trap of blessers who guaranteed her a pleasant occasion in Cape Town while she didn’t know that she would have been utilized as a medication donkey.

“The lady didn’t know that the bundle that she had in her young ladies are taking their respect and tossing it out of the window for the sake of being showered with cash and endowments by men who are mature enough to be their fathers or granddads.

This is a celebrated method for prostitution as young ladies are baited by more seasoned men ownership contained medications. She snared with a man online as she was searching for a blesser, however her blesser ended up being a street pharmacist,” says the source.

Western Cape police representative, Captain Frederick Van Wyk, affirmed that the lady was captured regarding drugs.

“I can affirm that a lady was captured at the air terminal after she was supposedly found possessing tik.”

Western Cape police representative, Captain Frederick Van Wyk, affirmed that the lady was captured regarding drugs.



Our news team has additionally discovered that as a rule young ladies wind up being caught in the ring of human traffickers as they are not by any means mindful that some of their supposed blessers are effectively required in transforming them into whores.

Executive at Anex, a NGO, Claudia Burger says,

“It’s exceptionally unnerving that you can give yourself the title of blesser, while you are not implying that, but rather your intensions are requesting something consequently. Life is about connections, and these folks who call themselves blessers got their work done and realize that young ladies are defenseless and urgent. We are working in association with Embrace Dignity, which is an association that is supporting ladies who need to leave prostitution and human trafficking exchange. Human trafficking doesn’t occur just crosswise over fringes, however it is additionally occurring in the area. The enrollment is about individuals being informed that they would be given sure things yet then that adjustments all the while.”

She included, “Infrequently a person will take a lady to a dance club under the falsification of taking her out for a drink. When they touch base there, she is compelled to take part in prostitution.

Claudia clarified that it happened that a lady can be tricked and booked to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg with the point of coming there to meet a blesser or being guaranteed a vocation, yet they wind up being transformed into whores.

“Nothing in life wants free. You should ask yourself for what reason an entire outsider would come and offer you a superior existence without them being connected to any bursary plan or NGO that arrangements with elevating youngsters’ lives,” she includes.

  • Cash AND POWER

One of the nearby blessers, Serge Cabonge, says he is not embarrassed about the gifts he offers to  young ladies as he has money.

“We get things done for young ladies since we can. In this exchange, we help each other. I ruin her positively and I receive something consequently. I take ladies to the club and get them costly liquor, which they can’t bear. When you demonstrate to them how much cash you can spend, they wind up plainly feeble and make moves towards you. Concerning understudies, I spend about R2,000 a night, yet for proficient ladies I wouldn’t fret separating with R10,000 or more every night. We additionally have brokers whom we pay for arranging ladies for us,” he uncovered.

He notwithstanding, brought up that a portion of the supposed blessers are only pimps and human traffickers.

“Most young ladies are gold diggers, particularly in Sandton as they abuse your liberality and that is the manner by which they wind up being whores. I give my young ladies a financial plan to fly abroad to do shopping. On the off chance that you don’t deal with your lady, it’s an issue since she will need to have a blesser. The message we are as blessers is that we need men to deal with their ladies, as they ought to contribute towards their prosperity fiscally.”



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