Monday, December 10, 2018

Biya’s latest efforts to support private schools in Cameroon


The Minister of Secondary Education, Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Massena, the President of the Republic of Cameroon has offered the sum of 2 Billion CFA F to private institutions for the 207/2018 academic year.

The information was disclosed last Friday in a circular signed by the Minister of Secondary Education.
He emphasized that the money is kept aside to improve the working conditions of teachers and to reduce the burdens associated with the operation of private secular and denominational institutions.

The secondary education boss in the communique drew the attention of national secretaries, secretaries of education and founders of private secondary schools, and Teachers Training schools who applied for the financial subsidy from the State for the financial year 2017 that the funds are available.
He stressed that one billion FCFA will be allocated to the Ministry of Secondary Education and the other half to the Ministry of Basic Education.
The distribution of the grant has been published and can be consulted in the national secretariats, the regional delegations of secondary education or the  website of the Ministry of Secondary Education:  says Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Massena.

The President of the Republic distinguished himself this 2017, by the granting of a grant of 850 million CFA francs for the organization and the follow-up of the last school examinations, the minister noted.
Ngalle Bebehe went ahead to reveal that special support had been released by Paul Biya for special bonuses throughout the chain of organization and follow-up of school exams. There were also special incentives for teachers who have taken the pupils during the Easter holidays in the English-speaking regions.
“The volume of funding allocated each year to these ministries inevitably proves the importance of the efforts made by the authorities for young people.

The secondary education Minister reiterated that inspite of the current situation, Paul Biya did not make lie of his reputation. Despite its financial burden, second-generation secondary education will indeed be a reality in Cameroon,“he concluded.




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