Saturday, November 17, 2018

Biya warns government officials against buying expensive cars


President Paul Biya has admonished government officials against buying ostentatious cars that is causing heavy financial burden on the state. This is one of the recommendations which the president made in a recent circuler carrying orientations on the 2018 draft budget.

The president was addressing this at some members of government who buy expensive cars every year, most of whom by the cars for their personal use. Most of these cars are bought in violation of government procedure which require each car to be bought after approval from the Prime Minister.

According to official government statistics, 14000 administrative vehicles where bought in 2015, most of these cars where bought without approval of the Prime Minister as recommended by administrative rules. The irony however is that even with the buying of these numerous cars, some influential posts in ministries still lack cars.

In addition to this abusive buying of cars, officials later precure more burden on the government by refusing to repair these cars at administrative garages, they rather prefer to deal with private dealers for private benefits.

In his austerity prescriptions President also called for a halt in the reckless consumption of electricity and water in government offices. This explains the water bill of 7 Billion which the government owes to Camwater corresponding to 7 years arrears
He spirit and the letter of the june 20 circuler is to curtail public expenditure by ensuring budgeting in the management of state resources.


Source: Cameroon post



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