Monday, December 17, 2018
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Belgian Musician Stromae to become a Father


Stromae and Coralie share the same taste for fashion and launched the Mosaert brand in 2014, a project in which Stromae seems to have launched full-time in 2017 while music has taken a back seat.

Today, it is a new project that will occupy them for the next few years, that of becoming parents. The information was disclosed by Public: Coralie would be pregnant for 3 months and should give birth in early September 2018. A source close to the couple reportedly said that “Coralie just spent the first quarter. Paul is thrilled. They are so happy, it’s a real pleasure to see them like that. ”

Although for the parade of Louis Vuitton, Coralie had opted for a gray leggings that mold to delight what could be a baby pumb. At each of his movements, the 31-year-old Belgian was betrayed by his attentive glances, glued to the bèlè of his go, away from prying eyes. A lot of happiness to future parents …




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