Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Bamenda: SDO Salutes Police Officers For Tracking Town Notorious Gang, Terrorizing Mbengwi People.


SDO Salutes Police Officers For Tracking Town Notorious Gang, Terrorizing Mbengwi People.

Four armed robbers have been aprehended in Mbengwi Divisional headquarters of Momo on Thursday July 27 2017.
The gang accompanied by drug consumers were arrested by police officers in Mbengwi around Bone at mile 19.

The are burglars currently under police custody are 21year old native of Bafut, Chunga Leslie Soh, accused of aggravated theft.19 year old Akana Fabien,also accused for aggravated theft, Asanji Eric, 27 years,

Anye Wilson, said to be 20 years, aggravated theft
Samson Fomukong, 37 years, drug consumption and theft
Emmanuel, drug consumption
Ayanda Divine, 23 years, drug consumption
Ndakwa Collins, drug consumption.

Present was the Senior Divisional Officer for Momo Division, Absalom Monono WoluaInorder to receive first-hand information about the notorious armed robbers.

The senior divisional officer for Mom said and I quote “My population of Momo, particularly those of Mbengwi, we know that for the past few months, our towns have been terrorised by groups of young men who’ve decided that we should not sleep. We’ve had more than four health centres burgled into, sick persons who were in the hospitals terrorised, their medications taken away, money that was meant to help them recover in the hospital taken away, the medications of the health centres taken away.

We’ve had delegations that have been burgled and the private homes of individuals plus some of our young girls being raped even within the day by a group of young men who have decide not to go to school and take a new job of stealing, terrorising, drug consumption.

The population has been frightened, they’ve been complaining and so in our usual security dispositions we took measures. Today I’m congratulating the security services for all the efforts they have done for us to get hold of some of them because some are still on the run.

I want to assure the population of Mbengwi and Momo that they should have confidence in their security elements. It is also thanks to some of you that we got the right information. I’m encouraging you people to continue with the collaboration that you have with the administration and the security forces so that we can carry out our activities and businesses in a serene atmosphere.

We can sleep and know that tomorrow we will get up because some of these young men, what they’ve started might equally lead to the dead of innocent citizens. We will hand the over to ybe justice department for justice to take its course. We’ve called you here today to come and be witnesses, to know that the security forces are working. Have faith and collaborate with them for all of us to have a peaceful Momo Division and a peaceful Mbengwi in particular. Once more I thank you”.

Absalom Monono,called on parents to start preparing for school resumption as the 2017/2018 academic year will soon be at the corner.

According to him, “these are young men that were supposed to be in school but because most of them are out of school, they decided to indulge themselves into banditry. If they were engaged positively, they won’t find themselves in acts like this”

The Ngyen-Mbo Intergrated Health Centre and the Momo Divisional Delegation of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, are some of the areas these thieves have sucessfully visited.
The armed robbers were arrested in possession of cellphones, laptop, operating tools and a huge amount of money



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