Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bamenda: Governor Stops The Circulation Of Persons And Vehicles For 72 Hours.


After The First Banned Of Circulation, Governor Stops Circulation Of Vehicles And Persons For 72hours, Till Further Notice..

Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique Deben Nchoffo has just like his counterpart of the South West Region relaunched a series of measures to keep peace and security in the Region for the period of 72hours.

  The North West Chief Executive, disclosed Friday September 29, 2017 that security has been redoubled and the movement of people from one Division to the other is strictly prohibited before and after October 1, 2017, till midnight. 

  He said the stringent measures put in place all over the Region from the grassroots, villages, Divisions to the headquarters of the Region. He stressed that the administration has reduced the circulation of the masses, the use of some instruments of transportation, melo down the condition of some public places from preventing anything from happening.  

  He reassured the man and woman in the North West Region that the heavy presence of security forces in Bamenda and in the suburbs is to ensure their protection and tranquility. 

   Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique went ahead to reiterate that the men in uniform are all on their said. Noting that being on their side, they are working on the security and well-being of the population. 

  A claim which, John M., a native from Mankon “counteracted” by asking the Governor, if he is aware that the very military that he purport is working for the people opened fire on unarmed civilians in Kumbo, Bamenda, Limbe, Buea, killing them. How are they working for the population, he questioned. 

   On the sidelines, was the auxiliary Bishop of the Bamenda Arch diocese, His Grace Michael Miabesue Bibi who added his voice to Governor by calling for calm, restrain, and prudence. 

   Bishop Bibi, said ” The call of the Church is that they should be peace. Reiterating that he knows that we have difficulties, we have problems but I know that the best way of resolving the problem is not to get into more violence.

   He noted that calling for Frank and Genuine Dialogue inorder to look into the problems and look for a amicable ways to resolving the problem is what the church stand for.

  In the communique, all movements crossed the national borders have been suspended till further notice, just like in the South West Region of Cameroon. 

  He stressed that violators will be dealt with as per the law in force.

  It should be noted that the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam division, before the ground rocking and thunder breaking Friday September 22, 2017 Protests-March-passed, Songa Pierre Rene’ released a similar order that was woefully violated by the population of the Division in particular and the Region at large. 

  That same order this time around has been put in place by the Governor within the sidelines, preventing that same occurrence from repeating itself. 

 The atmosphere in the North West Region and Bamenda as at now is loosely tense and full of uncertainty, as the countdown narrows to October 1, 2017. 

   “Cale Cale” have been intensifying as Friday September 29, 2017, the population of Hospital roundabout were paid a surprising visit breaking Friday morning. 

   The regional correspondence for Dan Broadcasting System Doh, stood helplessly and watched his home being ransacked right into his bedroom.

  According to Doh, his house was turned upside down by security officers.

  The stretch of road leading to the Regional Hospital cutting across Azire, towards Food Market and towards small Mankon within the hours of 7am to 10am were blocked and traffics jammed to capacity with just one thing in the minds of the passersby or residents being “What Are The Looking For”.



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