Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Police man knocked down by presidential convoy in Ivory coast

As its often said do not come between a president and his convoy This is what exactly what a police man in Ivory Coast did and had to bare the consequences. This happened on the 12 of may on the Boulevard Giscard d'estain when the police man who was on a motor bike got knocked down by another police man in the presidential convoy. Luckily for the police man he sustained just light injuries and was rushed to the hospital.  ...
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A cure to falling breasts

Egg white is said to cure falling breasts. This is and advice to girls on how to mentaim the firmness of their breast. Egg white is said to contain hydro electric lipids which would go to nourish the skin around the breast this keeping it firm. Mode of application 1 Beat egg white to a good texture 2 Apply to breast and leave for 30 minutes. 3 Wash with cucumber juice or onion juice and later cold water. Also the appearance of the breast can be improved by mixing egg...
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Lot of people nowadays put on human hair without the notion of where it comes from. some people even kill one another because of human hair. the story that lies behind human hair is very sad and painful to know. Heard some women saying when they put on human hair they feel courageous and feel seductive. The question is, where do you think the owner of that hair is? is he/she alive or death? Most of the human hair sold across the world comes from china and India respectively. Most...
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