Saturday, November 17, 2018

Antoine Bell( Former Cameroon goal keeper) condemns Anglophones who disrespect the Cameroon flag


Antoine Bell is clearly not happy with the Anglophones who disrespect the Cameroon flag.

Former Cameroonian international footballer Joseph Antoine Bell has frowned at the protests and attacks on some envoys dispatched by President Paul Biya to South Africa, Belgium and at the High Commission of Cameroon in Canada respectively.
According to him “Attacking the national flag is attacking us.
He was speaking on Sunday August 13, 2017, on Equinoxe television, a Douala based private station.

Joseph Antoine Bell express dissatisfaction with the perpetrators of the acts of violence, adding that he was shocked that they were two kinds of dialogues.
“violent responses from people who do not want to talk at all, who do not come to speak, who come to stop talking, the former strike says is never the approach.
Quote “I was raised to the defense of the national flag so much that even while playing football all the spectators can tell you all about the national flag. Now what do we see? We see people attacking us because we recognize ourselves in this flag. And ANY ATTACK ON THIS FLAG IS AN AGGRESSION AGAINST US. I do not see how we can tolerate people who attack us. We are brothers, we have the same flag. So we can claim precisely by wearing the flag not by humiliating the flag, tearing it, trampling it and so on.“
Antoine Bell stressed on the program over Equinoxe television that all the great countries would never tolerate on their soil or even in an embassy people who would plant a foreign flag there. He disclosed that all those who pose these acts must be condemned without blame.
He asked the so called protesters to claim by the legal means of claims not to go tarnishing the Countries reputation
Joseph Antoine Bell went ahead to say qoute “I heard someone say that anglophones are fighting because they want the freedom to be president. I believe that there is no text in Cameroon that prohibits ananglophone from being president”.

“It just says that if a francophone is president, an anglophone would have to be in this or that position. So if an anglophone is president, a francophone would have to be at that other position. There is no text that limits the expression of Anglophones, he added with a mood swing.




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