Monday, April 23, 2018
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Anglophone Crisis: Government Launches A Survey On The Violence That Occurred In October 1st In The NW’st And SW’st


The Minister of Justice has been put to work to investigate the exact number of victims on the 1st of October. 

According to the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the Government, who spoke on Sunday 15 October 2017 on the CRTV, “it is essential to know what happened,” said the spokesman of the government, Issa Tchiroma Bakary. At the end of this process, the government will have a global vision, indisputable, when these investigations will be carried out in a transparent way, without complacency “.
“No one is above the law. If it had been established that some black sheep had unduly used excessive force, it goes without saying that the military officials will make the necessary decisions, he assures. But I doubt very much, given the professionalism of our defense and security forces, that this is the case, “Cameroonian wants to be reassuring: no one is above the law, says the spokesman of the government.
Judicial police officers from the police and the gendarmerie will be responsible for these investigations under the supervision of the judicial authorities. In the aftermath of the October 1, 2017 demonstrations in the English-speaking regions, the government spoke of a death toll of 10, while the NGO Amnesty International spoke of 20 deaths and that other sources estimate that the violence involved about thirty plus dead.

Source: Africa media



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