Monday, December 17, 2018
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Ambazonia: this is why the English businessman Tantoh was murdered


The director of Miss Bright Hotel, a famous accommodation facility in southwestern Cameroon has died. Sources say that Tantoh Felix Ngang in an attempt to escape the shots of Cameroonian soldiers in his residence at Bomaka-Mile 18, Buea sub division, South West Fako Division, Tuesday, July 18, 2018, he tried to jump by the balcony of his building. He was later injured and died, sources said.

A native of Mendakwe in the northwest, Felix was born and raised in Great Soppo, Buea in Buea Division, Fako Division, southwest. He has been living in Bomaka for more than three decades and is more or less taken for a Bakweri Man because of his investments and philanthropic activities in Buea and its surroundings.

His death was attributed to the Cameroonian army. Many residents have accused the military of killing the innocent businessman in order to reject him on the separatist forces fighting for the restoration of the state of former British Cameroonians. According to one source, the director was invited to a meeting in Yaoundé to discuss ways to kill for “ghost towns” in Buea.

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It seems clear that the multimillionaire had openly asked the government to call for dialogue. He also reportedly refused to contribute to the emergency humanitarian plan set up by President Biya to solve the problems of displacement in the English-speaking regions, calling it a smokescreen to deceive the international community. Field information indicates that he was shot in his residence inside the Miss Bright Hotel.

Sources have accused Atanga Nji Paul, Minister of Territorial Administration of Cameroon and Ekema Patrick, Mayor of Buea, of having sponsored the act. Many businessmen have complained that administrators accuse them of sponsoring separatists and supporting dead cities. Felix’s death comes a few days before his vacation in the United States. His wife, Tabe Lucy of Fotabe, in the Upper Banyang Subdivision of Manyu Division, is currently in the United States, where one of their children was born. Felix had already obtained a flight to the United States for Monday, 23, 2018.

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The murder of Felix, originally from Northwestern Mendakwe but born and raised in Great Soppo and now mistaken for a native Bakweri Man, is destined to transform the Northwest into the Southwest. However, some residents of Mendakwe who spoke said that military sources had revealed that Felix Ngang had been murdered. Meanwhile, one of the Separatists who spoke anonymously said that they did not arrest the offenders as they did with some seven (7) chiefs of Buea.

Source: / National Telegraph



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