Sunday, April 22, 2018
Blue Poetry

Alone with ghosts


Am home alone
No lights so I write
This under the moonlight
Sitting at the edge of my balcony
Thoughts drown my mind
Memories of dead friends
Filling my head
Its drowning and dehydrating me

And then the moon turns red
The stars blink, blink
And then go out
I get inside
Light a candle
And I see an image of you,
Smiling and inviting me for a hug

I could have been glad to
Finally find someone to talk with
But the problem is
You had died last year

I hear child like chattering
And apparently you had come with company
Dead company
Ghost friends

They say dead men don’t hurt
So I turn off my candle
Lay me down and ignore
You as you play up
And down the stairs with your ghost friends


//Alone with ghosts
@blue poetry



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