Friday, December 14, 2018
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ALCEF SCHOOL Events Management Enterprise


TRain Up A Child (TUAC) has entered for the 2017 School Enterprise Challenge organised by Teach A Man To Fish. TUAC’s major Partner School – Aunt Lizzy’s Christian Educational Foundation(ALCEF) accomplished its role by completing the various requirements in order to contest. A total of 20 pupils took part in the brainstorming and working session to come out with their business idea.

This was so dramatic as great enthusiasm was noticed during real discussions between the TUAC Facilitor/Lead Teacher Agwenjang Emmanuel, the contact teacher Martin Nembo, Lead Teacher of New Horizon International School Mafah Cornelius Kuta and the pupils to have the final business idea as EVENTS MANAGEMENT.

ALCEF EVENTS MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE TEAM Board of Directors with Oseni, Tchiengang Paul and Beldine Thelma as their leaders with the guardians of their teachers, came out with bright business idea after facing some challenges as it was their first time to part take in such an activity.

This Business Idea was arrived at through voting by hand-show by all the participants.



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