Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Sum Of 250,000 CFA Stolen From The Ngaoundere Prison


Money was stolen from the office of a chief steward. Désiré Manang, chief administrator of prisons and replacing the sacked administrator Joseph Arnold Ngomba Ngame,

he is certainly following the footsteps of former administrator Etoundi according to prison guards.“He is rehabilitatingthe parliament “, only a few days after his arrival.

It is within this framework that good relations were established between us and the steward Etoundi, and that the last steward did not know how to maintain, “is already satisfied a prison guard. But in memory of the fate of his predecessor, the new director of the central prison of Ngaoundéré still prefers to keep his distance with the press, his collaborators too, learns. Still, the euphoria of welcoming a new boss was somewhat tarnished by a flight in the prison. According to our information, the main steward of the prisons, Bernard Beng Mela, was relieved of the sum of 250 000 Fcfa on 29 July last in his office. An act attributed to some detainees. “A prison guard is an element of supervision. So we have the responsibility of rehabilitating the people who are in prison. But when you steal a sum of 250,000 FCFA in your office, there’s a little too much familiarity with the inmates.

In fact, they spend more time in their office than in their cells; He collaborates more with them. And first there was the theft of a cell phone and a sum of 150,000 FCFA, “informs another prison guard.



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