Monday, December 17, 2018
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Can one really seduce a woman without asking her out? The answer is a big yes, you don’t have to be an expert in asking girls out to be able to seduce a girl, and here are 9 natural secrets you can use to make her fall for you.1 Always try to be natural when she is around her

2 Work on your self confidence. This makes the girl to feel secured beside you and women are mostly attracted to this type of men

3 Women love clean and attractive men, so try to be clean and attractive especially in your dressing and this would win some good points for you

4 Always try to add a bit of humor to your conversation and this would make her easily to fall for you

5 always appreciate her. Everyone loves to be appreciated, but women love this most, so make sure you always look for something on her which is worth appreciating

6 If she starts narrating you stories of her past and about men who broke her heart, listen attentively, but never tell her that you are better than those men, give her a chance to discover the good man that you are

7 Don’t always try to be the Mr. “Too serious” she has to feel free beside you, most people who are too serious are generally boring people.

8 Always try to be patient beside her. Don’t mount her too much pressure allow her the time to discover you.

9 Show her your weaknesses and imperfections, if she still loves you despite your weaknesses, she would grow to appreciate your strengths and beside she would see you as a real man. Women love people who are real.


Source: Les JoiesDuRire  



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