Monday, October 15, 2018
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Behind their huge confidence and effrontery, men are sometimes like little children who lose confidence and need to be guided and this happens mostly in love relationships. Here are 7 secrets about men that most women turn to ignore.

1 Men are not always so sure of themselves
It is quite true is that most men show some degree of self confidence especially when asking girls out, however most men have admitted that they are not always really confident about themselves. So men also feel insecure and vulnerable sometimes which causes them to wear a mask of confidence to cover it up

2 They also love being the prey
For a long time now the common rule is that men are the ones who ask the women out or try to attract her, so for some  men the pray should be the woman while they remain the hunter. However another wide majority of men believe that this role can be changed. The time of male domination is gradually passing and most women can also go for the hunt

3 They easily forget little issues
A woman can go as far remembering the color of the tire her guy put on for their first date, but she should not expect this from the man. Men most give priority to more important things this makes  them to forget most small issues, so it is left to the lady to make her man know important something is to her man if she wants him to remember it

4  They love when women appreciates their sense of humor
A funny man Is a sexy man and that’s a fact. Most men are aware of this and use their good sense of humor to attract ladies. This makes men happy when women laugh at their jokes and also when they appreciate their sense of humor

5 The secret of touching a man’s heart is to pass by his stomach
The greater majority of men are real good eaters and love good dishes. So its therefore very natural that they appreciate women who are good cooks. So if a woman really wants to caputure her man’s heart, she shouldn’t joke with his feeding

6 Men love women they can present to their families
Men love women who are presentable and this is mostly character wise. Every man wants a lady he can either present to his friends or family without any shame

7 Men don’t like it that their partners change for them
For a relationship to be successful both partners should be transparent and real towards the other, it does not make sense trying to be someone who you are not, so men love women who are real not the fake types


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