Monday, December 10, 2018

7 people have been arrested in Mbengwi with locally made explosives which where ready for combat


It is now confirmed that a lady alongside seven men have been arrested in Mbengwi, the divisional headquarters of Momo Division, in possession with some locally fabricated explosives.

The arrest was facilitated by the prompt intervention of the Rapid Intervention Battalion “BIR” at about 4:30pm.
A source hinted us earlier that, the culprits were spotted puting on a “UN” outfit that couldn’t allow the population diagnosed if they were agents with devilish intentions.

Another report filed in from another correspondent indicates that the guys under police custody actually intended to burnt down part of a certain dormitory “name withheld for security reasons” in Mbengwi meant only for boys. It was actually thanks to God that the dormitory was not burnt.

The source intimated that they poured petrol all over the place and left some litres of petrol around the roof, set Fire and went away. But unfortunately, the fire went out on its own. He added that, If things went as planned, the whole area would have surly burnt down.





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