Monday, December 10, 2018

61 Schools in Cameroon have been shutdown by the Minister of Secondary Education for operating illegally


Cameroon: 61 Schools Operating Out Of Government’s Tolerance Receives Punches From Minister Jean Ernest

Some schools, 61 of them in number have been shut down by the government for operating illegally
The decision was taken by the Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bebehe recently.
The official release made it known and clear  that these institutions of learning drawn across the Country were functioning in violation of the legal formalities of creation and openness to justify his decision.

This decision by   the Ministry affected 7 Regions out of 10 in the Country.
In the Centre Region,19 Schools, 17 of which are in the Mfoundi division alone were shutdown.
30 institutions in the Littoral region were touched by the measure, 14 of them in the city of Douala, precisely in the Wouri division.

6 illegal Schools were closed in the North West, 2 in the East, and 2 in the South West. A school was also shut down in the Adamaoua (


Vina) and the West region



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