Friday, February 23, 2018
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South Africa: Nigerian Student Suffocated To Death By Cops In Johannesburg


A Nigerian (Yuroba native) student of VAAL University of Technology by the name of Ibrahim Dele lost his life yesterday in his apartment in Johannesburg during an unusual search by the Johannesburg cops.

He was suspected of being in possession of drugs which it turned out to be false. After the search, the cops were unable to find drugs in his apartment.

They began to torture him to speak out. From close neighbors and people in the neighborhood, it seems he was suffocated to death. And the cops only discovered in shock that he died in the process.

This led to a great confusion in Johannesburg. His sister and younger brother could not believe they lost their loving brother. A mob of Nigerians burst out to his apartment after hearing the heartbreaking news.

One could hear them say they tortured late Ibrahim because he refused to bribe them(the cops).
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