Saturday, November 17, 2018

4 years old brutally raped by 21 years old man 


A four years old girl is reported to have been raped by 21 year old guy and lost her life on arrival at the hospital in Chirazulu district, Malawi. 

The little girl was sent by her grandmother to go collect a bucket by the borehole. 

She went along with her elder sister who is 3 years older than her. 

On their way back from the borehole, the sisters met with the 21 years old man whose name was given as Gift Eraton. 

He dragged  both kids to a nearby bush and in the struggle the elder one succeeded to run away. 

He then raped the little 4 years old girl leaving her in her unconscious state.

Her sister came back with some elders of the village whom she reported what transpired earlier. 

They came and just found the innocent girl lying in the bush unconscious. 

She was rushed to the nearest hospital and sadly lost her life on arrival. 

Some witnesses who saw her body said she was possibly strangled to death by her assaulter before fleeing away.



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