Thursday, November 14, 2019
Did u know?

2017 Amazing facts that will keep your mind blowing. 


There are 240.000.000 Tv’s in the US 2000 000 are in bathrooms
Did you know every 30s a female is raped in South Africa?
Did you know one out of 8 of every couple in USA you meet met online.
If Facebook was a country it would be third largest behind China and India
Did you know Twitter counts about 50 million tweet a day?

That breaks down to about 609 Tweets per a second.
There are about 540,000 words in the English language which is 54 times that of Shakespeare’s time
Digital music sales in 2011 outstripped physical sales for the first time ever.
Did you know Ethiopia is the the fastest growing economy this year 2017 at the rate of 8.3%

(More Facts coming up soon)…..




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