Monday, December 10, 2018

105 million FCFA registered, following the theft of the garbage bins in Douala and Yaoundé


A nice nap has just been made by the police. They succeeded in dismantling a vast network specialized in the theft of garbage bins in Douala.

An investigation has been opened to put this gang of garbage bins thieves out of the city, one learns. According to initial research data, it is a Bonabéri-based company owned by an economic operator of Chinese nationality involved in the retention of garbage bins belonging to the Health and Sanitation Society of Cameroon (Hysacam). The band in question, composed of several individuals, were trained to the task. The communication department of Hysacam says that they steal collection containers they will then deliver to the above-mentioned economic operator who transforms them into secondary raw material for export. The destruction or theft of garbage bins undermines the efforts of Hysacam and the municipalities to maintain a relevant level and quality of cleanliness in the cities.

For example, “of the 2000 bins deployed since January 2017, 300 have been stolen in Yaoundé, and more than 400 in Douala”. Especially those with a capacity of between 120 liters and 360 liters. The consequence of this act is that Douala and Yaoundé, two of the main cities concerned, display a lot of rubbish everywhere. Especially since the users, not knowing where to pour their waste, throw them in the streets. Plastic waste bins are not manufactured on site but are imported. “A plastic waste bin can cost about 150,000 FCFA; The consequences of the disappearance of the garbage bins affect the cities both in terms of cleanliness and in terms of economics. Losses estimated at 105 million FCFA registered, following the theft of the garbage bins in Douala and Yaoundé “, considers a framework to the general direction of Hysacam. Refusing to remain idle, the president and CEO Michel Ngapanoun had announced that he would prosecute all those who would be guilty of destruction or theft of garbage bins.



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