Friday, November 22, 2019
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07 Tips on how to save money daily


Most people have money but have a problem when it comes to managing the money. They spend the money so fast and on things that don’t matter that soon they go back to days of lack again. Here are 10 tips that would help you better manage your money on a daily basis.
1 Apply the law of 48 hours
Before you start cracking on your head on buying that new jeans or new shirt make sure you follow the 48 hours rule, according to this rule before you buy anything, give yourself a waiting period of 48 hours (2 days) if after this 2 days you still have the desire of buying the stuff, then go for it. This law would actually save you from unnecessary expenses.

2 Adopt a routine of saving on a daily basis
Most people don’t save because of the misconception that only a large sum of money can be saved whereas you can begin with any amount every day and then later on add it as you grow. This would buikld in you a habit of saving and would also provide you with quick cash for investment and rainy days.
3 Budget
This is very important. Most people spend without actually bodering to know how much they have, its abnormal for man with a salary of 100$ to live a life which costs 200$ this actually makes many people to live a life of constant depth. Be your own accountant and you would see how much you would save on a daily basis.
4 Evaluate the amount of money you earn with the cost the object you are about buying.
This is very important as it would permit you to always live within your means. This would help to restrain your mind from wanting things which are not of your level which would actually permit you save money
5 Make a list of things you want to buy
This would prevent you from buying things which are not useful. Most people just get to the market and end up buying anything that catches the attention of their eyes only to get home and regret. Making a list would permit you buy things which are important first.
6 Make large bank withdrawals per month
Going to the bank everyday to withdraw little amounts of money doesn’t help as you end up paying more charges, instead it is advisable to withdraw a large amount once a month kwich you would use throughout the month.
7 Make use of free services
Most companies provide workers with free services like free lunch or free transportation, forget about luxury and make use of these free but important offers. ,
With these 7 tips you would be able to save enough money to live a comfortable life and also to finance that project of yours


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