Saturday, March 17, 2018
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WHY WOMEN FAIL TO SEDUCE MENIt is quite obvious that all women love to seduce men, but most fail to do so because they are so carried away by their emotions that they forget the fact that seduction is an arts and the rules must be respected. Here are five reasons why most women fail to seduce men.

1 They dress too sexy
Most women think dressing extravagantly sexy is the only way to seduce a man, they do this so much that they forget to know that it’s not all sexy clothes that fits you or would attract your prince charming. It’s quite true that being sexy can sometimes can help but an over exaggeration of this won’t help

2 they submit him to too much messaging and calls
A lady is not supposed to give too much attention to a man especially on phone, the rule of seduction is not to go to a man, but its to get a man to come to you.

3 They talk too much

Most women speak too much, especially on their first rendezvous, the advice is that, control the way you talk and keep a level of mystery about you and this would make the man attracted to you

4 They avoid eye contact 

Most women think that they are actually seducing a man when they avoid eye contact with the man, the reverse here is true, as a woman, don’t be afraid of the man’s look, look into his eyes and this would contribute in his falling for you

5 They start playing tough

Most women always try to play tough when they are not really tough, they live with the misconception that this would seduce the man. Men hate it when ladies show no sign of interest in them. Therefore do not think that by playing though on a man you are seducing him



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