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These are the characters to be adopted by a woman to win a man’s respect

Most women don’t yet know how to make a man’s respect them. These are 5 easy yet important ways that a lady can use to gain a man’s respect.


Have a good image of yourself and put on a good appearance
God gives to every woman a good body but this body needs to maintained and taken care of in order for it to look attractive.

A woman who wants to gain the respect of a man in addition to keeping her body in good shape is also suppose to respect her own self, this self respect can also be expressed in her dressing as the saying goes “how you dress determines how you would be addressed”.


Be of good manners
Most women grow into thinking that the only thing which commands a man’s respect on a woman is her appearance whereas manner plays a good role.

A woman is supposed to be virtuous. She needs to work on the tone of her voice and shouldn’t show signs of aggressiveness and brutality, this would go to draw the admiration and respect of men.


You shouldn’t tell him at first meet all about your life
You might have gone through some bad moments or some days of pain, but this does not mean that you should just go about saying all these to the man.

There are some negative parts of your life that must be hidden. Everybody has a past as Oscar wild says “every saint has a past, as well as every sinner has a future” so you don’t need to pour out all the negative parts of your life as most women do hoping to gain pity whereas in the end the gain disrespect.


Don’t be too attached to him
Even if you love or admire him, don’t be too attached to him like following up and down. This kind of attitude would make the man think that you are desperate thus making you lose self respect.


Don’t reveal your sentiments to him
You love him, yes! But this does not mean you should just walk up to him and tell him.

This point though the last point is very important, instead the woman is supposed to make the man walk up to her say what he thinks about you, this goes a long way in making the man respect you.


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