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South African Dance Queen 👑 Wabantu goes Naked At The Beach. [Pics]

Even when she’s not on stage or at a party, it seems like Zodwa Wabantu loves stripping down… even at the beach! Zodwa spent the day at the beach and decided to not wear any clothing while going for a swim. The socialite opted for her birthday suit instead of a bikini to enjoy her day at the beach. Taking to Instagram, Zodwa shared a few snaps with her followers. “Nude beach Zodwa Wabantu,” she wrote in the captions. While some had a problem with Zodwa’s swimwear choice, other complimented...

South African Football Chief Stays Silent After Accused Of Rape.

Former ANC MP and singer Jennifer Ferguson has accused South African Football Association (SAFA) President Danny Jordaan of raping her 24 years ago. Ferguson, communicating via her Facebook feed on Tuesday, apologised for not being able to report the rape earlier, adding that she was probably not the only woman who had been abused by Jordaan. "I apologise from my heart to any woman or young girl that may have suffered abuse by this man (Jordaan) as a result of my colluding in the conspiracy of silence," said Ferguson this...

Capetown: CPUT In Flames Following Protest. 

Cape Town - Protesters disrupted exams at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) on Monday, randomly using pepper-spray on some students who were writing. It's believed the protesters were also CPUT students. Later, a group of students held a meeting at the main Cape Town campus which was disrupted by private security guards.  The student protesters retaliated by throwing bottles and stones at the security guards and the police officers who were later called in.  Cars parked next to the campus and in the adjacent streets were also damaged. ...

#WomenMonth Turns Bad As A 26-years-old Woman Who Was Reported Missing Has Been Discovered Dead

After the trending kidnapping, raping and abusing of women since the beginning of the year, one could think these practices will give a chance for women to enjoy their month peacefully but it is not the case as a guy hunts down his girlfriend.// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); An arrest warrant was issued to arrest the victim's boyfriend. He was arrested last week and found in connection with other similar murder cases. The victim's aunt says the couple have been together for years and even shared a 2 years...

Consequences Of No-Confidence Resolution To The Government

The members of Parliament all make up the legislature. It is made up of members from all the political parties that won enough votes in the last general election to qualify for one or more of their members to represent the voters in Parliament (around 0.25% of the votes gives you one member of Parliament – as there are 400 seats/members in total). // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The president is elected by the members of Parliament, the legislative arm of government. The chief justice, who is the head...
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